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17th May 2022

Awkward moment Piers Morgan is a called a c**t by a guest on his own talk show

Danny Jones

TalkTV’s Piers Morgan: Uncensored living up to its name

Watch the moment Piers Morgan is called a “c***” live on air during what turned into a rather chaotic interview on his TalkTV show, Piers Morgan: Uncensored.

The 57-year-old broadcaster was interviewing a transgender rights activist speaking in front of the Emmeline Pankhurst statue in Manchester’s St Peter’s Square, wrapped in a trans flag, when the conversation quickly spiralled out of control.

As you can see in the clip, an individual whose appearance is largely obscured by large hair, shades and a black face mask, begins to explain how they believe certain feminist sub-groups are trying to appropriate icons like Pankhurst as part of a “hateful movement against trans people”.

Tensions arose between the activists and a select group of feminist during a protest on Monday where a woman ended up in physical interaction with a member of the activist group.

As Morgan tries to interject, the protestor says “stop shouting over me”; he then declares he has always stood for trans rights “for fairness and equality” – to which the interviewee then responds, “f***ing bull****, bro”.

Apologising for the foul language, Morgan then attempts to try and steer the conversation towards the subject of transgender rights in regards to sport, at which point the protestor proceeds to look around as if uninterested before telling him to “shut up, bro – what are all these dog whistles and talking points?”

Morgan once again offers him the chance to explain why he doesn’t agree with his position on trans women in sport but the activist simply calls time, saying: “I don’t really know I’m gonna leave the interview now – I kind of only came on here because I thought it would be kinda funny, but I wanna say you’re a c*** and [inaudible].”

Beyond labelling the entire exchange as “the perfect example of how NOT to have a proper debate”, the former GMB presenter concluded that the experience was “very insightful as to how vile, abusive & intolerant some of them are”.

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