Piers Morgan took a piglet on his show and people don't know 'what the f*** is going on anymore' 1 month ago

Piers Morgan took a piglet on his show and people don't know 'what the f*** is going on anymore'

'I have never felt so sorry for a piglet as I do now'

Piers Morgan was pictured holding a live piglet on his TV show whilst having a dig at Boris Johnson - and Brits are just absolutely done.


Awaiting the PM's resignation last night, Morgan attempted to humour his viewers on Piers Morgan Uncensored by spouting pig puns while clutching a poor baby pig.

Addressing viewers on his TalkTV show, Morgan said: "Tonight, Boris Johnson must go. The greased piglet of politics has slipped and squirmed through almost three disastrous years of disorder and deceit.

"Thirty-eight resignations in two days have butchered his government and tonight surely, nothing can now save his bacon."


Since the episode went out, the Prime Minister has agreed to stand down following a catastrophic number of ministerial resignations in the last 48 hours. Seven MPs had quit before 8.30am on Thursday morning, taking the total number of ministerial resignations to 57.

Morgan's piglet clip understandably sent the internet into a bit of a meltdown.


"The level of journalism in this country has hit rock bottom," one person commented.

"Damn that's a new low," another added.

"Piers Morgan is holding a piglet for some reason," one simply stated, "I don't know what the f*ck is going on anymore."


Naturally, some were concerned for the piglet's welfare.

"I have never felt as sorry for a pig as I do now," one woman said, "Seeing this poor animal cradled by Piers Morgan."

Others couldn't help but bring David Cameron jokes into then equation after the former PM was infamously rumoured to have had an encounter with a pig whilst at university.

"David Cameron will be harder than the Herald crossword watching this," one person wrote.

Johnson is expected to announce is resignation before midday on Thursday - though it is believed he will delay his departure until Autumn.

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