Phil and Holly can't keep it together at woman who sells fart videos online 1 year ago

Phil and Holly can't keep it together at woman who sells fart videos online

It's just classic This Morning

Holly Willoughby was brought to tears of laughter on This Morning as her and Phil interviewed a woman who sells videos of herself farting online for money.


The two presenters couldn't keep it together whilst they were interviewing Emma Martin, who quit her job as a travel agent to follow her unique career and apparently makes £3,000-a-month through her gas.

During the interview, Holly and Phil were clearly holding back the laughter, managing to ask questions such as "Can you fart on command or do you have to build up to it?"

Viewers then learnt that Emma makes custom videos for people where they ask her to dress up, do her hair differently or go into a specific room along with filming herself for free.


However the tipping point came right at the end when the mother-of-two from South Carolina (of course she's American) said: "You just have to be yourself and let it come through,"

And as Schofield replied "You certainly do that," Holly was a lost cause.

Barely able to string a sentence together, she said: "It's amazing, I love it!"

And then the crafty producers played a fart sound effect into the studio. Cue pandemonium as both Holly and Phil cracked up.


Wiping tears from her eyes before the show went to an advert break, she told viewers: "I'm crying now."

Even in the preview for the interview, Willoughby could barely contain her laughter.