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06th Sep 2022

People think Matt Smith deserves an Emmy for near-silent performance in House of the Dragon battle scene

Stephen Porzio

“Matt Smith, take a bow.”

Since Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon premiered last month, one element of the show that has been repeatedly singled out for praise is Matt Smith’s performance.

Plaudits for The Crown and Last Night in Soho’s star portrayal of the ambitious, hot-tempered Daemon Targaryen continued with the show’s third episode ‘Second of His Name’ which saw Daemon and Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint) together at war.

This was against the Triarchy forces commanded by Craghas “Crabfeeder” Drahar (Daniel Scott-Smith).

As the conflict is shown to be going badly, a messenger arrives bringing word of reinforcements dispatched by Daemon’s brother King Viserys (Paddy Considine).

However, Daemon – refusing to accept aid from his brother – instead pretends to surrender in order to lure the Crabfeeder’s army out into the open.

The risky move enabled Corlys and Daemon to claim victory as Corlys launched a counterattack while Daemon was able to literally rip the Crabfeeder in two.

As such, the latter will soon be returning to the Kingdom as a big hero.

Aside from a brief moment at the top of the episode, Smith’s character did not utter a line of dialogue throughout the hour.

Yet, the fact that he was still able to convey so much wowed certain audience members.

“Daemon Targaryen did not utter a single word from the moment he stepped out from Caraxes, got belittled, read a letter, sailed through the waters alone, fake surrender, hit by arrows,” one Twitter user said.

“The eyes and body tell a LOT. Phenomenal acting is what this is!”

Meanwhile, a number of other people said his performance in the episode should earn him an Emmy win.

“Daemon really stole the entire episode without saying a single word of dialogue,” one user said.

“Matt Smith is coming for those Emmys, man.”

Another fan had similar thoughts, stating: “Matt Smith just stole that entire episode without speaking a single word. He’s coming for that Emmy.”

Meanwhile, a fourth person said: “Matt Smith acting his ass off in this episode of HOTD and he didn’t even utter a word for any of it like ohhhh he’s taking it (the Emmy).”

“He didn’t utter a word and still stole the whole episode. Matt Smith, take a bow. An Emmy-worthy performance,” a fifth person added.

You can check out JOE’s interview with Smith, as well as Paddy Considine, for House of the Dragon below.

Main image via Game of Thrones