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19th Jul 2017

People are convinced that two dead characters returned in the last Game of Thrones episode

Paul Moore

Spot them?

Now that Game of Thrones is back, we’re wondering what the main characters did since the events of the Battle of the Bastards because  Jon Snow’s to-do list must have been pretty extensive.

We imagine that it read something like this:

1) Survive battle, 2) Kill Ramsay, 3) Keep Sansa off my back, 4) Reclaim Winterfell, 5) Remove all traces of House Bolton, 6) Bury Rickon, 7) Gather every House in the North, 8) Convince every House that the Iron Throne means f**k all when measured against the Night King’s forces, 9) Eat, 10) Convince people that you know something.

Now that the world’s greatest show is back on TV, winter is here and the dead come with it.

The opening scene of Arya at The Twins was superb, but cast your mind back to what followed it. Do you remember that ominous shot of the White Walkers as they slowly marched beyond The Wall?

Well, in the midst of that deathly blizzard, plenty of Game of Thrones fans thought that they spotted two familiar characters that have died, Wun Wun the giant and Ygritte (Jon Snow’s wildling girlfriend)

Regarding the giant that was killed at the hands of Ramsay Bolton’s bow and arrow, it’s the fact that we all saw a close-up of this wight’s eye that convinced certain viewers that Wun Wun has returned from beyond the grave.

In fact, the director of that episode, Jeremy Podeswa was somewhat vague when asked outright by Insider if this character was Wun Wun or not.

“I think it’s non-specific. And in fact you see three [giants] there — two in the background and one in the foreground. Actually he could be Wun Wun, but I don’t know if it’s specifically Wun Wun,” he said.

If it is Wun Wun, we can only imagine that the wildlings dragged his body from Winterfell and left it beyond The Wall. If this is true then 1) that’s incredibly stressful and tiring, 2) absolute madness given the fact they know the White Walkers are on the move and can raise the dead.

The again, maybe that particular scene in the Dragonstone episode was one of Bran’s visions into the future. Who knows.

As for the likelihood that Ygritte is back from the dead – and presumably going to make Jon’s life incredibly complicated – certain viewers also thought they spotted Rose Leslie’s character among the dead.

While we’re not ruling anything out 100%, fans of the show will know that Jon burned her body after she was killed by Olly’s arrow, so it’s highly unlikely that she would return as a wight.

Rather than end things on a somewhat depressing note, here’s a video Tormund showing us his romantic side. Enjoy!