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10th Jan 2018

One of the Corrie extras is getting a lot of attention for the best reason

Too funny

Jade Hayden

A true cultural icon.

Hardly a day goes by without eagle-eyed Coronation Street viewers noticing something or other that’s wrong with their favourite soap.

Whether it’s a complete lack of respect for journalism or Roy Cropper’s stuntman making a very obvious appearance, you’d have a hard time watching that show and not coming away having witnessed some sort of raging continuity error.

This time though, eagle-eyed Corrie viewers have noticed something so incredible and so hilariously funny that it’s only gone and racked up an impressive 9,000 retweets on Twitter.

So, you know it’s going to be good.

But first, aΒ bit of context.

The other night, Shayne Ward’s character was standing by while somebody else gave a statement to the press.

It seems like everybody on the cobbles has been doing that as of late, but this time was different… because this time, one of the show’s extras made her shining onscreen debut.

And it was glorious.

In case you can’t bring yourself to press play on the above clip, one of the press photographers can be seen clicking away on her camera. Except she’s not even hitting the button, or looking into the lens, and looks like she’d rather be just about anywhere else, to be honest.

People on Twitter were delighted with the spot by Tom Hughes, who originally shared the clip, saying that the extra should win an Oscar for her stunning role.

The rest of Twitter responded accordingly.

Ah, Corrie. Never change.