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01st Dec 2022

Noah Schnapp got super excited to win $50 at college after earning $250k an ep on Stranger Things

Steve Hopkins

‘I swear he always forgets he’s a celebrity’

Despite reportedly pocketing $250,000 an episode for the most recent season of Stranger Things, Noah Schnapp has once agin proved he’s just an average teenager at heart.

The actor, now 18 and said to be worth $3 million, was recently caught getting very excited at the prospect of winning just $50 at the University of Pennsylvania.

Last December, Noah posted an emotional video that showed him jumping for joy after being accepted into the Uni. He later decided to get the full college experience by sharing a dorm, eating in the dining hall, and using the communal showers, rather than being a baller, like he could have.

The star, who played Will Byers in the hit Netflix series, was recently stopped randomly at the uni for a little quiz.

Earlier this month, YouTube channel Kwoknation uploaded a video that showed recent graduate Aaron stopping random students to see if they could answer five high school–level economics questions.

He offered $50 to anyone who correctly answered all five questions, and $10 to those who managed to answer four out of the five.

And Noah just happened to be one of the students he stopped.

The multimillionaire excitedly introduces himself as plain old “Noah” when Aaron asks for his name then explains that he is a first-year student studying entrepreneurship and innovation at the school.

Aaron says: “I’m gonna ask you five questions increasing in difficulty; if you get five out of five, you get $50.”

Noah’s jaw drops as he enthusiastically repeats: “50?!”

When Aaron confirms, Noah replies: “Oh shit!”

Noah correctly answers four of the questions, admitting that he might have “an unfair advantage” because he is learning about many of the topics in class at the moment.

@noahssvids “50?!!” noah acting like he isnt a millionair is everything to me? // @Noah Schnapp // #BeTheReasonVisa #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #trend #noah #noahschnapp #noahssvids ♬ original sound – sofia 🙂

But the last one isn’t so easy.

The $50 question is: “Under which president was the federal reserve system created?”

Noah immediately admits that he hasn’t got a clue, saying: “Oh god, I have no idea… Like, recent?”

“Would it be a name that I know or an obscure name?” he asks, before adding: “I have no idea.”

Eventually Noah guesses George Washington, and when Aaron says that it was actually Woodrow Wilson, Noah confesses: “Oh, I never would have guessed that.”

Noah left the quiz with $10 for answering the majority of the questions correctly, and despite this being just 0.004% of what he earned per episode on Stranger Things (as Buzzfeed noted), Noah is nonetheless thrilled.

“Oh sick!” he exclaims as he waits for the money.

When Aaron hands him the note, Noah is incredibly grateful, saying: “Thank you! Awesome! Thank you so much!”

Fans loved it.

“I swear he always forgets hes a celebrity,” one person commented about the star who has 31 million followers on TikTok and 27 million on Instagram.

Another wrote: “Bro said ‘FIFTY ? ?’ like he doesn’t get paid $250.000 per Stranger Things episode lmfao.”

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