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11th Jan 2018

Netflix users watching Friends for the first time are spotting some wild things

Michael Lanigan

“It’s basically just nipples.”

When Netflix put out all ten seasons of Friends, it was the source of much excitement.

Gone were the days of accidentally stumbling upon the same five syndicated episodes while skimming through every TV station. Finally, we could watch all 236 episodes in the order that the Lord intended them to be shown.

Ever since, people have been taking to Twitter to announce that they were watching the hit series for the very first time.

Did anyone ever really watch Friends for the first time? Was it not always just there?

Apparently not, and these fresh eyes have spotted a few details the rest of the world might have missed.

Yes, yes it is.

Apparently, Ross was the worst human being on the planet too.

They have also settled one of the show’s longest-running arguments.


Eagle-eyed viewers have also noticed that another Phoebe exists in the Friends universe and we’re not talking about her evil twin sister.

In the first episode, ‘The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate’, Phoebe can first be seen declaring that she has “just pulled out four eyelashes”, before the camera cuts to show a second Phoebe sipping coffee in a different location, while hearing herself tell everyone about said eyelashes.

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