Netflix users outraged as ‘cancelled’ comedian Dave Chappelle given four new specials 5 months ago

Netflix users outraged as ‘cancelled’ comedian Dave Chappelle given four new specials

'Can't cancel the man', said one supporter

Despite receiving overwhelming criticism after airing Dave Chappelle’s latest special The Closer, Netflix has given the go-ahead on four more specials from the controversial comedian.


According to some viewers, Chappelle’s The Closer was at times more like a Trumpian rally than a stand-up performance. His continued attack on Transgender people did not go unnoticed - inspiring employees to walk out of Netflix as Chappelle naturally criticised cancel culture after petitions were created to have his special removed.


However on February 18, Netflix announced that the 48-year-old actor would be producing a series of specials with veteran comedians under the title Chappelle’s Home Team.

People have been reacting to the news on social media, with most people questioning how a “cancelled” person is getting his own series. “If only Dave Chappelle hadn’t been cancelled, there’d be 6 new comedy specials. We have to stop this scourge of cancel culture,” one quipped.


“Can everyone please shut the hell up about CaNcEl cUlTuRe now?????” another wrote. “It’s not applicable, and it weirds me out how companies like Netflix and Spotify actively INVEST in these ‘controversial’ personalities. Everything’s all good as long as everyone keeps punching down, I guess.”

Supporters of Chappelle, a list that - we assume - doesn’t include his old high school which branded him a “childish bigot”, are rejoicing in the fact that cancel culture didn’t catch the comedian. “Can’t cancel the man,” wrote one fan.


Cancel culture is a strange thing. While many like to scream from the rooftops after being criticised, most “cancelled” celebs tend to do pretty well for themselves. Jeremy Kyle proclaimed he had been cancelled during his national radio talk show, Joe Rogan still boasts 11 million listeners each month despite a recent clash with Spotify musicians and Piers Morgan is still being well, Piers Morgan.

Regardless of his status as a “cancelled” celebrity, it’s great that veteran comedians are being uplifted in a similar way to Tiffany Haddish’s They Ready. Hopefully, Netflix has learnt their lesson; oh wait, Jimmy Carr’s special would point to the contrary.

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