"I've been cancelled," says Jeremy Kyle before his new national radio show 11 months ago

"I've been cancelled," says Jeremy Kyle before his new national radio show

Jeremy Kyle gets cancelled and gets a radio show- can someone cancel me, please?

'Cancelled' celebrities have a habit of crawling back into the spotlight, which is yet more proof that cancel culture is largely a myth. The latest 'cancelled' celeb is Jeremy Kyle, who has spoken out for the first time since his show was axed.


The ITV staple was axed back in 2019 after a guest of the show died from suicide. Kyle remained fairly silent since his show collapsed, until now.

Kyle says he has suffered immensely with his mental health since 2019, so much so that he has sought help. But in an exclusive with the Sun, rather than empathise with the situations he arguably perpetuated on the show, Kyle focuses on his own story.

Construction worker Kyle Dymond died from a morphine overdose after appearing on the show, with his family saying his appearance and failing the lie detector was too much for him to handle.


He says he doesn't want to sound like 'woe is me' and yet continues to say: "But it did hit me hard. And it’s been awful to feel so scapegoated, and without being able to have my say about the accusations that often seemed to be levelled only at me."

Though Kyle is still not able to speak out on the specifics of the situation, he said, "When the time is right and it is appropriate to do so, I will have my say.”

Naturally, as with all 'cancelled' celebs, Kyle now has a new media job.

In a recent interview with talkRADIO, where his new radio show will be hosted, Kyle discusses his situation.


"In a democracy, you should be able to ask and say what you want," he starts.

"If you don’t like the response you don’t throw your toys out the pram.


"Listen, I’ve been cancelled in this world it seems now that unless you follow a certain path, you’re labelled.

"And you have to fight back," he added.

People have naturally taken to Twitter to highlight the slightly ironic usage of the term cancelled while on your new national radio show.

Arguably the most reasonable response you will see:


Did she lie? Nope

Does LinkedIn have a section for 'disgraced and cancelled TV personalities'?

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