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10th Jun 2024

Netflix series compared to Game Of Thrones and dubbed ‘one of the best series in history’


Ever since Game of Thrones finished, there has been somewhat of a hole in many people’s viewing habits.

Although the show’s spinoff House of the Dragon fills that to some extent, viewers think they have found one of the best series ever that fits the ‘GOT style’ bill even better.

The Last Kingdom first landed on screens in 2015, and it ran for five seasons until 2022.

The franchise was so successful that Netflix even created a movie, titled The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die, that came out earlier this year and acted as a sequel.

The show is set during the 9th century in Anglo-Saxon England as they fight back against Viking invaders from Denmark.

It stars Alexander Draymon, Emily Cox, Eliza Butterworth and Arnas Fedaravicius.

Fans on Twitter can’t get enough of the show, with some dubbing it ‘one of the best series in history’.

One viewer commented: “​​Extremely captivating from its soundtrack to its staging in battle through history, everything, in general, is transmitted in an impressive way.

“This season has been really moving and for me, it is one of the best series in history. Masterpiece 10/10.”

Another viewer tweeted: “Recently finished watching The Last Kingdom. This show seriously doesn’t get enough attention.

“It’s one of the most consistently well-written shows I’ve seen, even with the low budget of S1 does the writing shine, and continues to improve over time. Highly recommended.”

“The Last Kingdom is my favourite Netflix show. Its series finale far surpassed Game of Thrones finale!” tweeted a third fan.

“Well better than Game Of Thrones. Don’t think there is a bad episode let alone a bad season,” another viewer posted.

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