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26th Apr 2021

Naked Attraction contestant makes penis dance to try and win date

Charlie Herbert

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Hello, welcome. Good day? Bit bored? Well welcome to an article about Naked Attraction and dancing.

You know the deal with this ‘dating’ show. Six contestants, rising screens, one person picking. And a lot of flesh.

And in a recent episode of the show that seems to have become a cultural pillar of British society, there was certainly one moment that caught the eye. To put it plainly, a guy made his dick dance.

To impress Kelly, who was choosing from a smorgasbord of three men and three women, one of the guys showed of his ability to make his penis wiggle, in a remarkable demonstration of the confidence/insanity you need to have to appear on this ridiculous show.

Host Anna Richardson couldn’t hide her shock/delight at his ‘talent’, exclaiming: “He can make his c*ck move.”

Contestant Kelly replied: “Oh my god. Wow. Imagine that talent.”

Can you believe it though, it didn’t do the trick for Kelly, who sent him home. She must have thought his performance was a bit wooden, saying: “Take yourself and your twitchy willy through the arches.”

A real all-or-nothing move from him there.

It wasn’t even the biggest talking point from the episode. Kelly’s eventual pick seemed to get a tad over-excited according to viewers on Twitter. Many couldn’t avoid the elephant in the room.

So there you go. Just when you thought Naked Attraction had thrown up everything it had to offer, it goes and surprises yet again.

There must be a BAFTA in this somewhere for them….