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28th Dec 2018

Netflix have added a new murder-mystery documentary series that already has audiences talking

Rory Cashin

There is a lot more to this than there first appears…

It has been a good week or so for Netflix customers.

Between the Sandra Bullock apocalyptic thriller Bird Box, the weirdly addictive stalker chiller You, and interactive Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch, the streaming service has had plenty of conversation starters lately.

Now we’ve got another one, as murder mystery documentary series Murder Mountain has just been added to their library.

The plot synopsis goes as follows:

“Murder Mountain is the story of Garret Rodriguez, who left home in San Diego to seek his fortune in the marijuana fields of Humboldt County, California.

“Within a year he vanished, touching off a series of bloody events that still haunt local residents to this day. Set against the backdrop of marijuana legalization, Humboldt’s outlaws are now speaking out for the first time about Garret’s fate and the group of vigilantes who brought him home.”

Of course, as with all things murder mystery, there is a lot more to this than there initially seems.

The mountain is famous with locals for being the hunting ground for a duo of serial killers back in the 1980s, and ever since, it has been ground zero for a long series of mysterious deaths and disappearances.

All six episodes of Murder Mountain are available to view right now on Netflix.

Clip via Trailers em Português

Even though the show has only been available a few hours, it has already garnered quite a strong reaction online: