Mum thought she was sitting next to Greg James on train so her daughter tweeted DJ to check 6 months ago

Mum thought she was sitting next to Greg James on train so her daughter tweeted DJ to check

Jane has quickly become a viral icon

Upon realising that her mum may be sitting next to Radio One's Greg James on a train, a daughter tweeted the celebrity to confirm her mother's suspicions.


Jane was travelling on a train from Edinburgh when she realised she might have been seated across from television presenter and radio host James. Naturally, she messaged her daughter Colleen to share the news and perhaps boast a little.


However Colleen did not take her mother's word for it and in fact, decided to tweet James directly.

She tweeted: "My mum think she's sat next to you on a train from Edinburgh right now so if you could confirm that would be amazing.

"Her name is Jane and she's just had a white wine and says you are on red."

Just minutes later, the 36-year-old radio DJ posted a short clip to Twitter. The video shows Colleen's tweet before James pans the camera to reveal Jane and her accompanying white wine.


"Are you Jane?" he asks.

Jane's face is a picture; after all, when a celebrity calls you by name, it's a double-take moment.


"I am Jane," she nervously replies, before questioning: "Why?"

James shows Jane her daughter's tweet, to which she chuckles and confirms, "that's my daughter."

Behind Jane, one passenger is seemingly recording the encounter.


Jane was lucky enough to share a selfie with the comedian - but don't fear, neither of them had winky wine eyes.

In response to the selfie, Colleen tweeted: "Can't believe two legends are meeting, tell her I miss her."

James has since tweeted numerous times about Jane, stating: "Train Jane on the breakfast show next!"

He also questioned, "Wow this blew up. Wonder if Jane has a Soundcloud."

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