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19th Apr 2018

The Mulan live-action remake may not have a key character and fans are NOT happy

Keeley Ryan

But who is going to teach them to be swift as a coursing river?!

Disney is facing some massive backlash from fans after it appears that they cut one of the major characters from the live-action remake of Mulan.

The original 1998 animated movie had Li Shang as the main love interest for Mulan – as well as her commander in the army.

Since the movie was released, many fans claimed that Shang is bisexual – as he appears to be attracted to Mulan when she’s disguised as a male soldier, as well as when her identity is revealed.

A casting call for the live acting remake, though, appears to contain some bad news for the character.

The document shows that he’s been replaced by a character named Chen Honshu, a fellow soldier who sees Mulan as a rival – and falls in love with her when he finds out she’s a woman.

While the casting call was first released last year, fans are only now realising what this means for the role of Li Shang.

And they’re not happy one bit.

It’s worth noting, though, that the studio hasn’t actually confirmed that the character has been cut – and that the ‘new’ character’s name could be a dupe.

  • The Mulan live action remake is due out in 2019