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30th Aug 2015

Move over Attenborough – Snoop Dogg tries his hand at the natural world (Video)

Fo' shizzle...


“What…they grasshoppers? Is they screwin’?”

The wonders of the natural world are not lost on hip hop legend Snoop Dogg – even if he struggles with the details…like what animal he’s looking at.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live in a p**stake version of wildlife programme Planet Earth, the West Coast rapper gets a little confused as to what exactly he’s commenting upon – which happen to be mating tree frogs.

Mistaking the amphibians for grasshoppers and then geckos, Snoop suddenly realises there’s an ‘orgy’ going on and is somewhat taken aback by the communal nature of proceedings.

We reckon Sir David Attenborough’s job is save for now…