Matthew Perry's dad was a character on Friends and nobody noticed 1 year ago

Matthew Perry's dad was a character on Friends and nobody noticed

Could they LOOK any more alike? Well, yes

There have been several times in recent years that celebrity parents have turned up in the same movies or TV shows as their parents.


Jamie Lee Curtis and Janet Leigh in The Fog, both of Benedict Cumberbatch's parents in Sherlock and Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have both appeared in productions alongside their daughters.

One that we did not spot until recently was Matthew Perry's dad, actor John Bennett Perry, popping up in an episode of Friends.

If you're wondering what episode we're talking about, remember Joshua's parents?


Yes that's right, Matthew Perry's real life dad was Joshua's dad in the episode where Rachel had to go to dinner in lingerie.

Though he was only in the one episode, we're still kicking ourselves that we didn't cop on to it sooner as he looks so much like Matthew.

Another Friends fact is that both John Bennett Perry and Jennifer Aniston's father, John Aniston, have appeared in Days of Our Lives.


Speaking of Days of Our Lives, who else is on that show? Oh that's right Joey.

Although Matt LeBlanc didn't ever appear in Days of Our Lives himself, his Friends character Joey played neurosurgeon Dr. Drake Ramoray.

The role of Drake was first introduced in 'The One With Russ' but ended when Joey angered its writers which led to Drake being bumped off the show when his character falls down an elevator shaft and is left in a coma.


Later, in season seven of Friends, Drake was brought back after a brain transplant. His new brain was from the character Jessica Lockhart, played by Susan Sarandon.

So not only did Matthew Perry's dad appear on Friends but in an alternate universe, Joey also appeared on Days of Our Lives with him (and Jennifer's dad) too!