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20th Aug 2015

Mad Max recreated using go-karts and paintball is truly epic (Video)

Nooruddean Choudry

Ever thought about recreating your favourite movie scene for yourself? Well this lot did just that – and it’s almost as high-octane as the original…

YouTube action filmmaker Devin Graham is such a fan of Mad Max: Fury Road that he replicated the car chase scenes himself using several go-karts, paintball guns and a pickup truck.

As DIY as that may sound, the end product needs to be seen to be believed, Graham somehow manages to give the scaled down production a real cinematic feel and the action is gripping.

Filmed in the breathtaking landscapes of Utah, the vehicles are all kitted out to look like the original, and all the stunts are incredibly impressive. It’s an effort George Miller, Tom Hardy and co would be proud of…