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31st Mar 2019

Love Island producers to launch new show where contestants tell their friends they fancy them

Jade Hayden

What could possibly go wrong?

Fancying someone you’re mates with can generally only go one of two ways.

You keep your intense feelings to yourself for the sake of saving the friendship and desperately hope that you don’t have to watch them get with anybody else in the meantime.

Or you tell them that yo like them and watch the entire relationship inevitably crumble to the ground because they don’t feel the same way and you’ve just had your heart ripped out.


The above scenario is arguably painful enough without the inclusion of a camera crew, a script, and a piece-to-camera where you bawl your eyes out – but hey, that’s the direction the world is moving in so we may as well go with it.

At least, if we happen to be taking part in ITV’s new dating show Crazy About You, we’d have to, because that’s the whole concept of the programme.

And it sounds grim.

Love Island

The Sun reports that the show will see contestants revealing to their mates that they have feelings for them and then going on a date.

“Their reaction could be anything from disgust to delight, but either way they will then decide if they fancy a date with their admirer or walk away, leaving them red-faced,” said a source.

“TV bosses hope it will be right up the street of Love Island fans.”

It probably will, yeah.

This comes as Love Island producers came under criticism for providing inadequate aftercare to contestants when they show had finished.

The deaths of Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon led producers to introduce a new care strategy where they would offer all contestants counselling, financial management, and social media training after the show had ended.