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23rd Nov 2018

Les Dennis denies spray painting his name all over Norwich

Wil Jones

That’s exactly what he’d say if he was guilty

For anyone who remembers the 1990s, Les Dennis was the friendly face hosting Family Fortunes. With good humour and endless patience, he would never crack when some old dear would say that turkey was something that people would take to the beach, or be completely unable to name a yellow fruit.

More recently, he starred as Michael Rodwell in Coronation Street from 2014 to 2016.

There might however now be a third act to the Les Dennis saga: juvenile delinquent.

Across the wild streets of Norwich, the name of the television presenter has been sprayed painted in various locations.

This is clearly the worst case of vandalism in the Norfolk area since someone sprayed “Cook Pass Babtridge” on a Rover 800.

Obviously, there is one obvious suspect in all of this: Les Dennis.

But Dennis has tweeted to protest his innocence.

Dennis has even gone as far as going on LBC Radio with James O’Brien, calling the culprit a “Low-rent Banksy”.

This is the second time in recent weeks that a celebrity has had to publicly deny responsibility for a minor crime. Last month, David Schwimmer confirmed that he did not rob a restaurant in Blackpool, after police were looking a suspect that looked suspiciously like the Friends star.