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04th Dec 2022

New trailer for the Last of Us TV show is one of the best we’ve ever seen

Dave Hanratty

The new trailer for the HBO series has landed.

Right, it’s time to get excited – if you’re somehow not already – about the upcoming Last of Us TV show, considering the new trailer is absolutely spectacular.

Following a tantalising teaser in September, a new official full-length trailer has dropped for the imminent HBO project and it really does look the business.

But first, a primer for anyone perhaps unfamiliar with The Last of Us and the post-apocalyptic world that the show is going to focus on…

So, what is The Last of Us about?

Just in case you never played the best-selling PlayStation game of the same name – or its rather controversial sequel – here’s what you need to know:

The world has practically completely fallen apart, and it is here that we meet hardened smuggler Joel (played by The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal), who is tasked with transporting teenage girl Ellie (Game of Thrones star Bella Ramsey) to a safe house on the other side of America.

Joel also discovers that Ellie might be the most important item he’s ever been tasked with smuggling, as she may hold the only key to a potential vaccine for the infection.

Co-developed by Craig Mazin (the guy behind HBO’s incredible series Chernobyl) and Neil Druckmann (who wrote and directed the original game), the show will also feature Gabriel Luna (as Tommy), Anna Torv (as Tess), Merle Dandrige (as Marlene), Nico Parker (as Sarah), Murray Bartlett (as Frank), Nick Offerman (as Bill) and Storm Reid (as Riley).

Check out the brand new trailer below.

Clip via Sky Atlantic

When does the show arrive?

The Last Of Us is set to debut on HBO in the United States (and on NOW and Sky Atlantic over here) on Sunday 15 January, 2023.

That’s really not that far away at all and we really are getting very hyped about this thing. Shot on location in Canada, the show is reportedly the most expensive production in Canadian TV history, coming in at over $10 million Canadian dollars per episode and reportedly closer to $15 million US dollars per episode.

No expense spared, in other words. Per the latest look, Mazin and his team – not to mention his cast – appear to have nailed the feeling of the video game; from the unbearable tension to the rich sweep of characters that populate the place.

Pedro Pascal, already a major scene-stealer in Game of Thrones and note-perfect in providing the raspy tones of The Mandalorian, looks like a perfect choice for Joel, while fellow Thrones alum Bella Ramsey seems to have captured Ellie’s restless and rebellious spark to a tee.

Roll on January.

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