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10th Jun 2018

Kendall’s sister has gone absolutely off on one of the Love Island housemates

It's all kicking off

Orlaith Condon

‘She looks like a prostitute’

After just one week in the Love Island villa, there has been adequate drama to make the case for LAMDA opening a school in Majorca.

Yes, it’s been a pretty intense week for the contestants, having to deal with all the stresses a free holiday brings while being paid to flirt with each other

Adam had the last laugh on Friday when he chose to save new girl Rosie over Kendall and sent the latter packing.

A lot of people were raging and that includes Kendall’s sister who did not hold back on her Instagram in a now deleted post.

Kassidy didn’t pull any punches.

“And that ladies and gentleman sums up our generation,” her post reportedly read.

“Let’s go for the one who looks like a prostitute because I’ll get my dick wet faster.

“Kendall, you were amazing.”

The strongly-worded post has since been deleted but Kassidy made sure to share her praise for her big sister in another post, saying:

“Absolutely gutted Kendall has left Love Island but I am the proudest sister in the world.

“You have left the villa with you head held high and your respect intact.”

No doubt, Adam’s decision to choose Rosie will result in even more drama tonight when the show airs.