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26th Apr 2018

Kanye West’s tweets endorsing Trump have inspired Jordan Peele to start writing Get Out 2

The director replied to the rapper after he publicly supported Donald Trump

Oli Dugmore

The director replied to the rapper after he publicly declared his support of Donald Trump

Man, I never thought I’d miss Kanye from Twitter. Turns out I was ignorant. His finger taps are mercurial, be they accusing Nike of plagiarising his Yeezy designs, designer tattoos that are actually copy and pasted from the internet or announcing two new albums.

Go your own way and let tongues wag.

The latest chapter in this tweet odyssey is my personal favourite.

From the top: Kanye says he doesn’t agree with everything Trump does but he’s still his “brother.”

What followed was an exercise in damage limitation without admitting that you have done anything messed up, Kanye style.

This picture of what is definitely not a kidnapping came out next.

The music visionary then seemed to think “fuck this” and opted to go all in once again.

This bizarre little love-in then took a stranger turn as Trump thanked Kanye, a message which Kanye then proudly shared himself.

To reiterate, my top rated Kanye saga thus far. A 10 from Len. Because before Kanye started this righteous shitstorm for performatively woke bros who will struggle to reconcile his ‘problematic’ views with No More Parties In LA’s status as a certified banger, he dabbled in a bit of interior design porn.

He posted a pic of his house, referencing horror hit Get Out‘s ‘sunken place.’

It originally made only ripples. But once Kanye had caught Twitter’s wrath with his Trump confessional, Get Out director Jordan Peele returned to it, saying it had inspired him to write a sequel to 2017’s genre defining horror.

Get Out 2 is yet to be officially confirmed but judging by the quality of the first film, one hopes Kanye’s red-pilling serves as adequate inspiration for a sequel.

The drama continues.