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21st Apr 2019

Justin Bieber claims he’s ‘like 60% Irish’ and shouts out Conor McGregor on Instagram

Rudi Kinsella

Justin Bieber is Irish, apparently

Ireland sure does get a lot of non-Irish celebrities claiming to be Irish, or claiming to have ancestors who hail from Ireland.

Some I can imagine they are happy with, some not so much. And given his divisive nature, there’s going to be a bit of a mixed reaction to this one… because pop superstar Justin Bieber has taken to Instagram to let his millions of fans know that he’s “like 60% Irish” while posting a picture of his dad drinking Conor McGregor’s whiskey.

The Canadian star also posted a “shoutout Ireland” message.

Justin Bieber has supported The Notorious in past too, you might remember how following McGregor’s loss to Nate Diaz a few years ago, he told his fans that it “broke [his] heart” but he believed the Irishman had a never say never attitude, despite tapping out.

Hmm. They make a weird combo, but there again, somehow it kind of makes sense…

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