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09th Aug 2017

Someone has pointed out the reasons why Rachel should have chosen Joey over Ross in Friends

You'll never see Friends the same way again...

Tony Cuddihy

You may completely disagree with it, but this could be the greatest Friends-related Twitter thread of them all.

You will never see Friends the same way after reading this.

This 100-point dissection of the relationship between Ross and Rachel – and that between Rachel and Joey – on Friends will either have you nodding along in agreement or make you VERY fucking angry (depending on how seriously you take these things) but it’s always interesting.

The person running the @kaneandgriffin Twitter account has put together this 100-point ‘thesis’ on how Joey and Rachel were the true glory couple on Friends and how Ross Geller sought to undermine the ‘love of his life’ at every turn.

Whether or not you agree with everything this person has written, you will never look at Friends the same way.

Settle in for this…