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02nd Sep 2022

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 310

Danny Jones

JOE Friday Pub Quiz Week 310

My time has come

Dear friends and fellow quizzers, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you this week’s JOE Friday Pub Quiz will be my last.

About a year ago, the wonderful folks here at JOE asked me and my mate Charlie Herbert to become custodians of the quiz and we have been proudly sharing the responsibility ever since.

Covering everything from inane general knowledge questions and the latest sport, to entertainment, gaming; celebrity chins and whatever random memes came to mind that week, it’s been an absolute pleasure helping run down the clock for you on a Friday afternoon.

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And just like that, my watch is ended.

I leave you in the capable hands of young Charlie, a.k.a C-Unit (yes, I expect you all to be using that name from now on).

I have no doubt he’ll continue to deliver delightful trivia and annoy just the right amount of people in the comments every week. The sweet spot.

It’s been an honour. Take care and keep quizzing.

Peace out x

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