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12th Nov 2023

JLS star Aston Merrygold leaves fans shocked after backflip goes wrong

Charlie Herbert

JLS star Aston Merrygold leaves fans shocked after backflip goes wrong

‘My jaw quite literally dropped’

JLS fans were left shocked after Aston Merrygold got a backflip wrong during a recent concert.

On Saturday, the boy band were performing at the Utilita Arena in Sheffield on the final show of their 2023 tour.

And, as usual, Aston performed one of his trademark backflips.

But those in attendance were shocked when the 35-year-old misjudged the trick and ended up slipping and landing on his back.

His bandmate Ortisé Williams could be seen checking that Aston was alright, but thankfully the singer seemed to fine after the incident, quickly rolling back up and carrying on with the choreography like a pro.

Footage of the incident was widely shared on social media, with fans asking if the JLS star was okay after the botched landing.

On TikTok, one person said: “My jaw quite literally dropped i hope ur okay!!!”


the gasp i let out, but regardless i hope you’re okay 💙 @astonmerrygold #jls #jlssheffield #jlstour #astonmerrygold

♬ original sound – sarah

Another TikTok user said: “Mistakes/accidents happen sometimes, it’s normal!!!

“He did well to continue, I would have died inside/walked off he’s amazing. Hope he’s OK.”

Someone else said: “Ortisé getting ready to go check on him.. Love that.. But also ouchhhh.”

Although Aston escaped without any serious injuries this time, he has previously been hospitalised after attempting the stunt.

His band mate Marvin Humes told the Mirror in 2012 that Aston once landed on his head and was left with a concussion.

Recalling the moment, which took place during the band’s 4th Dimension Tour, Humes said: “One of our dancers slipped a disc, one had a really bad neck injury and one a knee injury. Then Aston fell on his head which was pretty nasty.”

Aston himself said at the time: “It’s been full-on. As well as landing on my head, I busted my knee and [JB Gill] did his, too.’’

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