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06th Dec 2021

Jimmy Carr slaps down anti-vaxxer in crowd with brutal one-line dig

Kieran Galpin

Jimmy Carr

‘He’s also using peer pressure and humiliation to stop people from being individuals’

Comedian Jimmy Carr has slapped down anti-vaxxers in the audience of his recent stand-up special, which has caused the internet’s tin-foil hats to make U-turns on previous comments about cancel culture.

In Carr’s new Netflix special His Dark Material, the 8 Out of 10 Cats host turns his attention to a highly debated subject – the vaccine.

“Let’s talk about the controversial thing, the vaccine,” he asks the audience.

“Who’s not going to take the vaccine because they think it might be dangerous? Raise your hands.”

While most of the crowd kept their hands down, either in agreement or out of fear of being heckled, a few units thought they’d challenge the comedian and raise their hand.

What fools.

Carr snaps back: “Now take that hand and slap yourself in the f***ing face.

“Hear that? It was the voice of f***ing reason, wasn’t it?”

With a single breath, Carr continues to berate the anti-vaxxers, saying: “The spread of covid was directly linked to how dense the population is,” he then pointed towards the anti-vaxxers, adding: “And some of the population are really quite f**king dense”.

People have begun reacting to the clip on social media, with one person claiming to have reported it as Carr is “encouraging self harm”.

Another anti-vaxxer said: “He’s also using peer pressure and humiliation to stop people from being individuals.”

Amongst the humdrum of anti-vaxx garble, a few fans congratulated Carr on the joke.

One person wrote: “This is f’in gold!!!”

Another said: “Before you kick off at Jimmy Carr for calling you a thick fuck, remember: You’re pro freedom of speech. You think people have a right to offend others. He’s 100% right. He might just save your life if he shames you into getting the vaccine.”

Regardless of your stance on the comedy special, Carr is no doubt loving the exposure.

You can now watch Jimmy Carr’s His Dark Material on Netflix.

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