Jimmy Carr responds after brutal Alan Carr train video goes viral 5 months ago

Jimmy Carr responds after brutal Alan Carr train video goes viral

Can you spot Alan Carr from Jimmy Carr?

They're two of Britain's most popular entertainers, with very different comedic styles. But one thing unites Jimmy Carr and Alan Carr: their surnames.


Earlier this year, a viral video showed a moment when a passenger on a train thought they'd lucked out by spotting Alan Carr on a train. They went up to him and, hoping to record what we can only assume would have been an incredibly boring video, said: "Has anyone ever told you you look like Alan Carr a bit?"

Only it turned out to be Jimmy Carr on the train and the video became comedy gold when Jimmy corrected the amateur celeb spotter. "It's Jimmy Carr, you're very close," he said, removing his ear buds to calmly shred the stranger from his seat.

The video has since racked up nearly two million views and hundreds of comments.


Speaking to JOE exclusively ahead of the launch of his new Christmas Day Netflix special, Jimmy revealed that being mistaken for Alan Carr is an almost once-daily event in his life. Only there's not usually an intrusive phone in his face to make the moment go viral.

"I'm mistaken for Alan Carr five times a week," he told JOE.

Spot the difference. Jimmy Carr on the left, Alan Carr on the right. (Or should that be...?) (Photo: Getty)

"We've spoken about it," he added, confirming Alan Carr told him that he often gets recognised by passers-by as Jimmy Carr too.

"It’s kind of a joyful thing. It’s like people recognise you, it’s never annoying," he added. "I think it’s quite sweet, really. And I get on well with Alan. It’d be annoying if Alan wasn’t funny, but Alan’s very funny, so I’ll take it, great."

Jimmy also responded to Ricky Gervais' recent roast of the Prime Minister. Ricky recently went on a rant on social media, saying that the worst thing this Christmas is "the f***ing c**** in charge do what they want."

"He was upset with the Prime Minister? I mean, I can’t think why - what were we hoping for? It’s crazy times we’re living in," Jimmy said.


Jimmy Carr on stage in London (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Politics aside, the 8 Out of 10 Cats comic had a sweet Christmas message for JOE readers. Or should that be a piece of advice if you're stuck in with insufferable, rude or drunk family members this Christmas.

"Stick on my DVD," he said. "It’s a vaccine for people with no sense of humour you can’t stand being around. Stick it on, they will leave."

"If you’re annoyed with the family, they haven't got you what you wanted, you’re upset with them and they’ve outstayed their welcome, or you’re not interested in conversation, stick on my DVD."


Merry Christmas, Jimmy!

Jimmy Carr His Dark Material lands on Netflix on Christmas Day

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