Ricky Gervais launches foul-mouthed rant as he fumes against 'rule-breaking' Tories 5 months ago

Ricky Gervais launches foul-mouthed rant as he fumes against 'rule-breaking' Tories

Gervais did not hold back!

River Gervais has slammed “rule-breaking” Tories amid news of numerous Downing Street parties, shindigs, business meetings - or whatever you want to call them.


The 60-year-old comedy veteran branded Prime Minister Boris Johnson as acting like “Charlie Sheen” while the UK largely followed restrictions.

Talking on a Twitter live stream, the After Life star said: “Do you know what the worst thing is? Apart from the pandemic and the devastation and the deaths and the strain on the health service and people losing their livelihoods.


“The worst thing is the f****ing c**** in charge do what they want.

“I see all these people saying all the parties they were having, and people saying that was the day I couldn’t see my mum in hospital, or I couldn’t go to my dad’s funeral.

“Because the posh, privileged people in charge were acting like f***ing Charlie Sheen. I mean really f***ing rubbing salt in the wound. I don’t get political, but they are all s***.”


Talking more broadly about the state of the government, he added: “When are we going to stop taking ‘went to Eton’ as a qualification to run the country? I mean f***ing hell.


“So that’s why I’m doing this as well, because I’ve noticed all around there’s a lot of annoyance and frustration. Totally justified as well.”

Gervais is but one of millions demanding answers about rule-breaking from the very people who designed the rules.

The excuses only seem to be getting more outrageous. Most recently, deputy PM Dominic Raab claimed that images were of a business meeting as people were in suits.


With no paperwork, files or business-related iconography in sight, many have questioned how long they can avoid the blatant truth.

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