Man mistakes Jimmy Carr for Alan Carr on train 1 month ago

Man mistakes Jimmy Carr for Alan Carr on train

This has got to be deliberate, surely?

A man has shared a video of himself meeting comedian Jimmy Carr on a train... but appearing to mistake him for fellow comic Alan Carr.

In the clip which has since gone viral, the man spots the 8 Out Of 10 Cats host sat in a carriage and excitedly goes over to him.

Carr takes out one of his headphones and the man asks him: "Did anyone ever tell you [that] you look like Alan Carr a bit?"

Jimmy, with quite a confused look on his face, responds: "It’s Jimmy Carr. You’re very close."

The pair then shared a fist bump, with the cameraman repeatedly telling him that he looked "sick."

The awkward exchange was shared on TikTok, with the caption: "Man like Jimmy!!! My brother saw him on a train that a dedo got to be him [sic]"

It has since racked up 1.5 million views and nearly 95,000 likes, attracting nearly 1,000 comments.

@torhalesmontgomer Man like jimmy!!! My brother saw him on train thata dedo got to be him #fyp #jimmycarr ♬ original sound - torhalesmontgomer

Along with lots of folks questioning why he has his feet on the seat in front and noting how he's "sat like a baby with an iPad", some wondered whether it was a deliberate mistake from the man filming.

One person wrote: "How can you be a comedian and not recognise a great joke?"

A second agreed: "How can a comedian not see a joke when it slaps him across the face?"

However others were just enjoying the amusing content.

Another person said: "I’m genuinely so jealous would’ve sat down and had a whole conversation with him."

A fourth wrote: "He’s probably had half a million people say this to him.