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05th Jul 2018

It looks like Sacha Baron Cohen is making a project about Donald Trump

Wil Jones

“How long has there been businesses?”

It’s easy to forget just how damn funny Sacha Baron Cohen was when he first burst onto UK TV back in the late 1990s. His brutal interviews as Ali G genuinely innovative and jaw dropping, (personal favourite early Ali G moment: asking the head of Christies auction house “My teacher told me that Van Gogh chopped his nob off?”)

Eventually, the character got too big to fool people in Britain, so he took Ali to America, made a not-great film, and created a couple of other characters – Kazakhstani reporter Borat, and Austrian gay fashionista Bruno. Both of them got very funny movies, and Borat also gave millions of unfunny banter merchants a silly voice to do for the rest of time.

All things must past though, and Baron Cohen got too famous to do his fake interview shtick. His subsequent film have not been all that – The Dictator was actually pretty funny, but Grimsby?

He needs an edge to really be at his best – and it looks like he might have found a new muse: Donald Trump.

Wednesday was July 4th, American Independence Day, the day where we honour Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith defeating the aliens. And to mark this occasion, Baron Cohen tweeted this mysterious video:

(That is the only time Baron Cohen has ever tweeted, by the way).

What Trump is referring to in that achieve footage is the time Ali G interviewed him on his US show, and pitched him ‘ice cream gloves’.

What could this refer to though? A new film? A documentary? Or is it just a joke? Or is it just a July 4th joke? Let’s hope it is something that gets Baron Cohen back to his best.