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27th Nov 2023

I’m A Celebrity in chaos after viewers switch off following Farage boycott

Joseph Loftus

It’s been labelled The Farage Effect

While I’m A Celebrity feels like it’s all the rage right now, the figures appear to show a different story.

This Saturday’s episode, which aired at 9.30pm, was viewed by 5.5 million people, according to reports.

On average, 4.8 million tune into the celebrity reality show, which is a million people less than last Monday’s figures of 6.1 million.

Many are concluding that this is down to the inclusion of controversial politician Nigel Farage, who last night was seen consuming a penis pizza dish during a Bushtucker Trial.

Reports claim that Farage will be receiving over one million for taking part in the show, prompting outrage from potential viewers across the globe.

The dip in ratings has even been coined: “The Farage Effect”.

Taking to X using the hashtag #BoycottImACeleb, one person wrote: “I’m totally behind this 100% – I can’t honestly understand why anyone outside of bottom feeding racist would be interested in watching Farage for any length of time.”

Another commented: “Paying £1.5m to platform a racist is a disgusting new low for ITV. I don’t want to live in a world where spreading hate is a lucrative grift.”

A third said: “Don’t phone them to vote him out. Don’t phone them to make him do the trials. Don’t watch the show. Don’t let them make a penny off you for platforming him.”

While one more wrote: “Absolutely deplorable that ImACeleb pays a fortune for disreputable politicians to appear on it. This year and last. If we #BoycottImACeleb ITV will lose much needed advertising revenue.”

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