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24th Jan 2018

Hungover Phillip Schofield nearly vomits live on This Morning

James Dawson

We’ve all been there.

It’s no secret that Holly and Phil got on the sesh last night, having scooped the Daytime prize at last night’s National Television Awards.

So, with that in mind, it’s hardly shocking that they were looking and acting a bit worse for wear on today’s programme.

Probably the most obvious example of hungover behaviour came from Phillip Schofield, who was close to vomitting on the programme.

He’d already been left with a croaky voice, which he admitted had ‘gone down an octave’ following a night on the lash. And after later being presented with a cheese toast, he replied that he ‘wasn’t in the mood’ before almost gagging.

Celebrity chef Phil Vickery had been planning on fixing them up with the ‘perfect hangover cure’.

But while Holly tucked into the scran, Phil had to cover his mouth to stop himself from gagging as cheese oozed out of the toastie.

Disgusted Phillip said: “I can’t do it I’m afraid. I’m not in a mood.”

Holly replied: “He’s trying to find something to make him feel better.”

After seeing an egg dropped into the toastie, he then added: “I can’t bare the thought of that, even when I’m alright.

Before he summed up how he was feeling: “Any other day this would have been absolutely delicious. Today I’d rather you’d down chicken soup.”