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18th Feb 2017

Helen Mirren’s role in Fast & Furious 8 has been confirmed and it is exactly what we hoped


Rory Cashin

We imagine this was supposed to be a surprise, so if you don’t want to know, stop reading right now.

Still here? Okay, prepare yourself for a slice of amazingness.

Helen Mirren will be playing the mother of Jason Statham and Luke Evans!

Evans, who was the big bad guy in Fast & Furious 6 before he fell out of a plane, and then showed up in a coma at the start of Furious 7, which led to his bigger, badder brother Statham heading off on a world-tour of revenge.

Now, with Statham shown in the trailer to be joining The Rock in order to take down a villainous Charlize Theron and a turn-coat Vin Diesel, Evans had a chat with Yahoo! News about his potential return to the series, as well as Mirren’s involvement:

“People come around from comas, so who knows? He’s in a military hospital because he’s the most wanted man in the world, but he’s got a very powerful brother, and he’s now got a mum as well, who’s played by Helen Mirren.”

So there you have it. April 14th can’t come fast enough!

Clip via Universal Pictures UK