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20th May 2016

Got hench: Aidan Davis from Britain’s Got Talent has been hitting the gym

The dance ace is now a black belt karate wielding musician. Whew.

Carl Anka

You know that strange feeling when you go back home for a weekend and find one of your mate’s younger siblings has got hench?

Well, we’re experiencing that bit now after stumbling on the Instagram of former Britain’s Got Talent finalist Aidan Davis.

Back in 2009, Aidan was wowing judges and the voters at home with his impressive dance routines. Aged 11 at the time, young Aidan  was described as ‘super-super talented’ by Simon Cowell and featured in an absolutely stacked final for Britain’s Got Talent –  coming fifth place in a year that also featured Susan Boyle and Diversity.

So from starring in a stacked final, to getting stacked himself, some seven years on Aidan is now looking like this.

Since the end of Britain’s Got Talent Aidan has been keeping busy. He’s now a black belt in karate, toured with dance troupe Diversity, as well as presenting a dance slot on the CBBC show Friday Download.

Aidan now spends his time playing guitar and making rap tinged pop singles His most recent song,”Break Up” was released last month. Give it a listen below.

It’s looking like Aidan had a bright future ahead of him. We wonder if he’ll be back for Britain’s Got Talent 2017?