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25th Jun 2024

Glastonbury drink prices leave people shocked as they increase again

Charlie Herbert

The festival gets underway this week

The drinks prices for the bars at Glastonbury 2024 have been shared online, and they’re not cheap.

Tomorrow (June 26), the gate’s will open once again Worthy Farm for the biggest festival in the world.

This year, festival-goers can look forward to a headlining trio of Coldplay, Dua Lipa and SZA, along with hundreds of other acts across the week.

And whilst there’s enough variety at the festival to suit any taste, it doesn’t like there will be as much choice for punters when it comes to bar prices.

A member of staff at the festival shared a picture of the drinks menu and prices at the Village Inn bar, and they make for some eye-watering reading.

A pint of beer or cider will set you back £6.75 on average, with the Stonewall Inn IPA being the most expensive at £7, whilst the Otter Ale is cheapest at £6.50 a pint.

Cans will cost between £6.25 and £8, depending on the drink, whilst a bottle of win will cost a staggering £30.

Meanwhile, a bottle of Prosecco is £44.50, spirits range from from £5.75 to £13.50, and a cocktail is priced between £9.50 and £12.50.

It’s not much better when it comes to soft drinks either, with a half pint costing £3.00, cans of energy drink costing £4.75 and a 330ml can of water costing £2.50.

In general, these prices are up ever so slightly from last year, when a pint of standard pilsner cost 25p less and a bottle of wine was £1 cheaper.

One X user pointed out that if you look at the price per unit of each drink then the Burrow Hill cider comes up trumps, at £1.91 per unit. On the other hand, the most expensive is a single spirit and Red Bull at £9.75.

Some have been left stunned by the bar prices, although it’s not like Glastonbury has ever been considered a budget weekend.

One person wrote: “£2.50 for a can of water is criminal.”

Another said: “And I thought I’d splashed out stocking up on M&S cocktail cans – turns out to be the budget option!!”

A third commented: “Some of those prices are insane. £43 for a bottle of wine! You can buy a quality vintage for that money.”

Not everyone was angry though, with others pointing out that the prices were cheaper than what you’d pay in plenty of city bars.

“It’s still cheaper than most bars in London to be fair, and cheaper than stadiums,” one said.

Someone else described the prices as “pretty reasonable,” whilst another commented that the prices were “just the same as in any city centre bar.”