Giant Squid Game doll appears in Sydney for Halloween 1 month ago

Giant Squid Game doll appears in Sydney for Halloween

Aaaand that's creepy

It's Halloween, the time for all things spooktacular, so it's only natural that someone put up a giant Squid Game doll in the middle of Sydney.


The reportedly 15-foot-tall Squid Game doll - as seen in the hit show's take on 'Red Light, Green Light' (if you know, you know) - popped up near Sydney Harbour and has understandably caught people's eye.

According to local Australian outlet Perth Now, the terrifying doll weighs a whopping 3,000kg.

The fact it is not only ginormous but fully functioning and flanked by two masked up guards (i.e. the first thing everyone thought of for Halloween this year) is what really sells it.

Crowds gathered to watch the spooky statue turn its head and, like in the show, wait to see its eyes turn red upon detecting movement. They'll just be glad being caught moving doesn't result in death this time around.


The hit Korean show is Netflix's biggest ever, breaking all manner of records and comfortably captivating what feels like the entire world. Bridgerton might have had the crown for a little while but we don't see anything that will compare to the rollercoaster that is Squid Game.

As for this creepy b*tch, we've binged the whole thing in a single weekend but were still having nightmares about her.

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