The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 267 9 months ago

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 267

Welcome back for another quiz.

It's a slightly different pub quiz this week. Don't worry you're still getting your quota of questions on general knowledge, sport and everything in between. 


This week's quiz is in partnership with the NHS and Transplant for its #ThisIsAmazing campaign.

An entire round of this wonderful quiz will be about giving blood, and for very good reason.

During the pandemic, the number of blood donors in England hit its lowest point in 25 years. The NHS is in real need of blood donors to help clear its backlog of operations and treatments, and estimates that 100,000 new donors are required by spring 2022. 


This is 450 new donors every day.

In particular, there is an urgent need for more Black donors to help treat patients with sickle cell disorder. Sickle cell disorder, which is the fastest growing genetic blood condition in the UK, mostly affects Black people, and ethnically-matched blood is critical in treating it.

More donors with O negative blood are also needed. This is the universal blood type and is often used for medical emergencies. There's a strong chance you could help, with 45 per cent of new donors likely to have O positive or O negative blood.

But the bottom line is this - anyone who gives blood is helping!


It takes just one hour of your time to give blood, and by doing so you could save three lives. 

We’ll let that sink in… an hour to save three people's lives.

So before you take part in this week's quiz, how about you register as a donor? In a world where social media is full of people showing off skills and impressive feats, do something truly amazing - give an hour of your time and save up to three lives. 

Then do something almost as amazing, and smash this quiz.


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