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01st Nov 2018

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence confirm Bad Boys 3 is officially happening

Wil Jones

“We back!”

Bad Boys 3 is finally, finally, finally happening. For real, this time.

Yes, we know there have been many rumours and stories about it happening for years. But this time, it is actually happening.

How do we know? Because Martin Lawrence and Will Smith got together to tell us.

Smith posted an Instagram video of the two of them together, in what looks like Miami.

He screamed excitedly into the camera to let us now the long-awaited second sequel is happening.

“It’s official baby! It’s official!”

Martin Lawrence also posted a photo of him and Smith together.

Bad Boys 3 has been in pre-production for a long time, with both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence supposedly on board, and TV directors Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah set to be in charge behind the camera.

It will reportedly go under the title Bad Boys For Life (shouldn’t they save that for part 4?), and various potential plot details have come to light.

Last month, Variety reported that Sony were “very close” to greenlighting a third movie. The studio were said to be very happy with the latest version of the script, and production could happen as soon as early 2019.

The plan is apparently to release Bad Boys 3 before the 2020 Martin Luther King Jr. weekend (that’s in January, for those of you who don’t know your American bank holidays, FYI).

Of course, they will have their work cut out for them. Bad Boys 2 is the best movie of all time.

No, seriously. Try and name a film better than it. You can’t.