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27th Apr 2019

The definitive guide of when to go to the toilet during Avengers: Endgame

Wil Jones

No spoilers, only helpful advice here

Avengers: Endgame is great. But is also very, very long. One hundred and eighty-one minutes long. That’s over three hours.

The film actually flies by, but that incredible length has obviously made some cinema-goers nervous. Particularly those afflicted with a weaker bladder.

On one hand, Marvel fans don’t want to miss a single moment of a film filled with important moments and twists. On the other, that is a long time to hold it in, especially if you have just downed a gallon of multiplex cola.

Thankfully, those who have already seen the film are offering some friendly advice on the points where it is possible to leg it to the bathroom, and not miss too much.

One tweet has suggested three pivotal moments:

1) When the San Francisco title card displays

2) Hulk has lunch

3) When the NJ title card comes up

Unfortunately, those are all early-ish in the film, so you still will have a long way to go during the endgame of Endgame.

Others, however, have suggested that, no, there is actually no good moment to go.

The Avengers themselves have even weighed in – with Don Cheadle agreeing that you will just have to hold it.

Paul Rudd, on the other hand, had a, er, different tactic.

I would say, get one of those giant tubs of popcorn, and then just lower it under the seat during the movie.

Erm, ok, Paul.