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12th Jul 2017

Fan concern after Jonny takes drastic steps following Love Island departure

We hope he's okay.

Laura Holland

We hope he’s okay.

Last night Jonny left the Love Island villa in a shock dumping. The viewers voted for their favourite contestants and the bottom two, Jonny and Tyla, were forced to pick between themselves who they wanted to leave.

Jonny, being a gentleman, said to Tyla that it wasn’t up for discussion and that he would leave instead of her. Naturally, she was gutted by this decision and was left in floods of tear, along with everyone else.

Jonny said his goodbyes and left the villa.

But now, it appears, he’s taken some drastic steps since leaving. He’s deleted all of his social media. Like everything.

Jonny was quite the boastful person previously on Instagram and Twitter, showing off his watches, holidays, cars and his general lifestyle but this is no more apparently.

The link to his Instagram account now says that the page may be removed.

There has been no indication as to why he decided to do this.