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15th Jul 2018

Everyone has same reaction to Georgia kicking off over “loyalty” on Love Island tonight

James Dawson

She’s loyal. LOYAL. L-O-Y-A-L

Over the past few weeks Georgia has had a bit of a bee in her bonnet over loyalty. Because she is loyal, apparently. As she keeps saying.

During tonight’s episode of the show, the Love Islanders played a game called Couple of Sorts where they and the public ranked each other based on what they think the public’s opinion of each couple is.

They judged the top three intelligent couples, the top three argumentative couples etc, but most importantly they also judged the top three most loyal couples. Which is obviously something that Georgia is. As she is at constant pains to point out.

Sadly for her, though, the British public don’t quite agree. Possibly because, y’know, she tried to get off with Laura’s fella as an action replay proved.

She was unhappy about not being placed in the top three, people on Twitter didn’t have much sympathy for Georgia, though, telling her to shut up over the whole thing.