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08th Oct 2023

Eminem’s daughter Alaina says she wants to ‘punch husband in the face’ after just a few months of marriage


‘Some people they may think that that’s alarming’

Eminem’s daughter has opened up on the early stages of married life and admitted that it’s let her wanting to “punch” her husband in the face on occasions.

Alaina joined Hailie Jade on her podcast A Little Shady to catch up on all the latest gossip around her life, including her recent marriage to husband, Matt Moeller.

The pair tied the knot in June this year in Detroit, where sister Hailie Jade Scott was her bridesmaid.

She posted a series of photographs of the happy day to Instagram, alongside the caption: “June 9, 2023 simply one of the best days of my life.

“In this lifetime and in the next, my soul will always find yours.”

Four months on from marriage, Alaina gave the lowdown on how she had been finding it and while it was largely positive, there were still the usual frustrations that any married couple go through.

“Obviously not much has changed because we were already living together, we already have dogs together, we’ve… It’s been the same thing basically,” she explained.

“Essentially, I think in a nutshell, marriage is like loving your partner more than you ever have but then also like wanting to punch them in the face.”

She then continued: “Some people they may think that that’s alarming, but I feel like you live with somebody, you do stuff with them all the time, you know, you don’t put the dishes where I want them. Even living together, everybody still has their own way of doing stuff.

“I do think it’s important to have like your own time, your own hobbies and your own stuff. And that’s what makes it so you really don’t kill each other. Having that balance. But it’s been good.”

Alaina was previously Eminem’s niece but the rapper chose to adopt her in the early 2000s after her mother – sister of Kimberly Scott – Dawn, was unable to look after her.

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