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07th Oct 2015

Eminem has a great surprise for one disabled young fan

Tom Victor

Young hip-hop fan Teejay Stainer credits the music of Eminem to help him get through a difficult period after having his leg amputated before his second birthday.

The 10-year-old has a photo of the rapper on his prosthetics to acknowledge the role songs like ‘Survival’ have played in helping him gain confidence.

The primary school pupil has listened to Eminem ever since his parents played the star’s music to him as a toddler.

And things got even better for Teejay when the 42-year-old wrote to him directly and sent the youngster a copy of his ‘Recovery’ album.

“I think he sent me that album in particular because of the recovery that I’ve made,” Teejay told the Daily Mirror.

“I just wanted to thank him for getting me through the difficult times and show him how dedicated I am.

It’s a good job he left his cell, his pager and his home phone at the bottom.