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09th Jun 2023

Elon Musk questions whether Taylor Swift is just Napoleon Dynamite in drag

Steve Hopkins

‘Well, the dance moves are nearly identical’

As Taylor Swift continues to delight fans with her Eras tour, Elon Musk has posed a question that’s sure to upset her Swifties.

The billionaire has asked if the singer is in fact Napoleon Dynamite, the star of the self-titled cult movie from 2004.

In a now-viral tweet, Friday, Musk shared a picture of the pair and, while acknowledging he was a “big TS fan”, asked “how do we know for sure they’re different people?”

A caption above a picture of the two icons reads: “When you realise Taylor Swift is actually Napoleon Dynamite.”

Napoleon Dynamite stars Jon Heder in the role of the titular character, a nerdy high-school student, with a weird family, who helps his immigrant friends run for class president.

Some commenters found the comparison pretty funny, and thanked Musk for sharing the post.

“Well the dance moves are nearly identical, so we gotta figure something else out here. Cause now I need to know,” one person joked.

Others were less amused: “As both a Musk fan and a Taylor Swift fan, this is not the crossover I wanted.”

Another added: “Someone come get the owner of Twitter’s phone, please. Now I can’t unsee it.”

And some, were angry: “You literally look like you were dropped in a dumpster full of feet as a baby.”

Musk had expressed admiration for Taylor on a number of occasions, prompting one commenter to beg him not to pursue her.

“Please don’t date her Elon, it won’t end well and I don’t want to hear you in a future song.”

In recent months he responded to a series of pictures tweeted by the 33-year-old with a smoking emoji.

The Taylor storm reportedly started when Dogecoin creator Billy Markus posted: “Taylor Swift rules and if you disagree you’ll be kicked off the internet I’m pretty sure.”

The Telsa boss responded by praising Taylor’s “limbic resonance skill”.

In another response, one user asked Musk if he and the ‘Blank Space’ singer would make a cute couple.

He simply responded with a crying laughing emoji.

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