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16th Mar 2019

A Drake and Josh reunion looks like it’s actually in the works

Rudi Kinsella

drake and josh


The internet’s heart collectively broke a while back when it emerged that Drake Bell had not been invited to Josh Peck’s wedding.

Drake shed his cool musician image and poured his heart out for all of Twitter to see after he found out that Josh had got married to his long-time girlfriend Paige O’Brien in a ceremony in Malibu, California, and not invited him.

It was a tough time for all of us, but we’d like to think that we’ve all come through the other side far stronger.

But enough of the sad stuff, let’s get on to the good news, as it looks like the two have settled whatever differences they may have had.

It looks like a Drake and Josh could genuinely be in the works.

According to People, while speaking at Thursday’s iHeart Radio Music Awards, Drake teased that a reboot of some sort could be on the way.

“We’re working on something. I’m excited. I think we have a great idea.”

People Magazine also claim that the show will be aimed at a more adult audience, and that it will be “way more creative”.

Drake Bell himself said that it will be “way cooler than just you know the college years or something like that”.

There’s no set date on the reunion just yet, but we hope that it’s not too far away, or we’ll get headaches.