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Did you spot this massive Phoebe mistake in the very first episode of Friends?
We never noticed this before...

It was the show that defined a generation, and thanks to constant re-runs and catchy one-liners, Friends is still going strong more than 13 years after it stopped filming.

While we can’t help but hold a soft spot for the six cast members, in recent months we’ve started picking up on some small errors that cropped up on the show.

Like when the camera cut away to a new cast member (by accident) or the fact that Rachel looked alarmingly different in her passport photo when she was flying to Paris.

So when eagle-eyed JOE reader Aine Maloney spied this little continuity error, we can see that Phoebe had the magic ability to be in two places at once… or at least film two scenes which ended up being edited side by side.

The scene, from the first episode, shows Phoebe talking to Rachel in her wedding dress, while also sipping on a cup of tea from behind Monica’s date Paul…


Just when we thought we knew every Friends episode inside out.

Thanks to Aine Maloney for sending this our way. 

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