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29th Sep 2015

David Beckham shows off his acting chops in advert with Kevin Hart (Video)


It’s not often that high street fashion companies release an advert more than a few minutes long – unless it features David Beckham.

The retired footballer stars alongside US comedian Kevin Hart in a new campaign promo for H&M. And, for once it’s a fashion film that is worth the watch.

This 30-second promo teaser was released recently…

But now a six-and-a-half minute version has been released.

The premise shows Kevin Hart rocking up to a shoot without warning proclaiming how he has to try and become David Beckham in order to be in with a shot of getting to play him in a biopic called ‘I, Beckham’. Golden Balls protests but Kevin gets his way, moves in and method-acting ensues.

He copies the way Becks walks, talks and goes about daily life, he borrows his toothbrush, his car and even shares an ice bath with him…

Seeing as the rest of the world seem to be appreciating the full-length version, take a look…