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04th Jun 2018

Dani Dyer said something absolutely ridiculous that Love Island fans can’t get over

James Dawson

The quote of the episode

Are you ever watching something on TV and you just start thinking “imagine if there were aliens and they landed on Earth and this is what they found…”? Well, imagine if it was Love Island. All of humanities achievements – through science and art and philosophy – and they discover this. This is what we are judged on.

There are no words.

Still, it is popular. And it’s pretty good TV, isn’t it? It’s hard to deny that tonight’s episode gave us some pretty hilarious moments – the pick of the bunch being Dani and the non-pair-up-dude Adam discussing the kind of girl Danny Dyer’s eponymous daughter is.

“You’re the forbidden fruit,” Adam so eloquently described her.

To which Dani replied: “Maybe I’m a banana.”

Which got the reaction you would expect on Twitter…

The new series will be the longest running ever and has had new regulations introduced, including a ban on smoking on camera and a set of “sex rules.”

As well as cracking up over Dani, people on social media couldn’t believe the resemblance between Kendall and another Love Island girl and a successor to Chris Hughes was appointed. A big opening night if ever there was one.

As I probably don’t need to tell you, the show continues on ITV2 at 9pm tomorrow.